SIP Trunking Solutions and Benefits in Erie, USA

sip trunkingWhen it comes to telecommunications matters, your primary concern should be how to operate your system more efficiently and cost-effectively, without compromising quality. You’ve heard of SIP Trunking but you still have concerns: If I migrate to SIP now, can I do it without service interruption? Will I receive the same level of service and coverage as with my legacy services?

Today, many companies in Erie share your concerns and expectations regarding telecommunications and SIP Trunking. At BroadConnect, we offer the best solutions for all your communication needs. With our decades-long experience and industry knowledge, we’ve dealt with just about every scenario in the business.

Our SIP Trunking Solutions are a combination of expertise and innovation. We will design an SIP service that’s tailored to your needs. We analyze your situation, and then make recommendations that match your expectations. Our SIP utilizes converged T1, over our North American Network. This allows you to save on operational costs but still retain the security. We deliver secure connectivity wherever you need it, whether locally in Erie, domestically or globally. You’ll find our SIP Toll free service, and our SIP long distance and local services to be the right choice for your business.


SIP Trunking Benefits

  • Quality, Security, and Reliability

Our SIP Trunking service includes carrier-grade redundancy and components that provide a highly reliable service. Our service connects PBX and IP-PBX systems directly to the PSTN. Our built-in security features provide protection for your communications.

  • Enhanced Teleworking

Our SIP Trunks allow you cost-free communication in multiple locations. Remote workers can be fully connected to your central office via Private VoIP.

  • Economical Local and Long Distance

We allow you to reduce toll charges from SIP origination/termination services to the PSTN for local and long distance calls.

  • Cost Reduction

We eliminate the dedicated PRI service lines and/or gateways at each office location. We also remove long-distance calling fees between far apart companies. You may also stay in touch with multiple geographical markets from one location.

  • Disaster Recovery

With the fastest and most efficient IP network disaster recovery architecture in the business, we’re inherently more fault tolerant than our circuit-switched and fixed lined counterparts.

  • Simplified Management

We administer our internet telephony services through a simple online management system. This increases the flexibility and efficiency of your business operations.

  • Flexible Architecture

Our network supports all the leading protocols for Voice & Video. Additionally, it has interoperability for many leading IP-PBX systems. And we offer scalable bandwidth to meet your present and future needs.