Hosted PBX Systems for Business in Erie, USA

cisco pbxComparing traditional IP-PBX systems for small and mid-sized businesses is becoming more complex as technology advances. In addition, changes to the Unified Communication regulations require more business class features, including PBX communication systems.


PBX Systems for Small Business

Traditional PBX systems created for small business required a complete phone switching system that managed both incoming and outgoing voice calls. The system was wired directly to the public phone system and routed incoming calls to specific phone extensions. Hardware included internal and external phone lines, a computer server to manage the call switching functions and routing and a console for manual overrides of calls.

IP (internet protocol) PBX-systems for small to medium sized business previously provided the same functions as the traditional PBX systems do, with added features. They act as pseudo-hybrid systems, the IP-PBX performs the switching and connecting of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls, yet it is still able to direct regular landline voice calls.


Unified Communications requires more than the typical IP-PBX system.

Small and mid-sized businesses in Erie and across America need features that support their work. Our Unified Communications systems are specifically tailored to meet these needs. We have combined the versatility of an IP-PBX with telephony features simply unavailable in traditional telephone systems. The Avaya IP Office package is an outstanding example of this combination.


Of course, the benefits of IP telephony reach beyond cost. Scalability, expansion and hardware savings are a few of the important advantages of IP telephony systems. Expansion can occur as bandwidth increases without adding expensive hardware, substantially saving your business at the end of the day.


A virtual PBX system is most commonly cloud-based, functioning in much the same way as most other VoIP services. Most smaller businesses do not require a large suite of features beyond the tangible communications solutions. Standard features available include voice messaging, hold music and the ability to easily add and remove system users.

We offer Hosted PBX systems in Erie, USA and beyond.