Business IP Phones and Hardware in Erie, USA

We Have a Wide Range of IP Phones and Hardware to Meet Your Needs

Whether you are an executive or a general office worker, we offer a wide range of business phones and have wholesale solutions and support services to meet all your requirements.

Desk Phones

All our IP-phones are manufactured by leading companies, who are recognized for producing phones with superior voice quality and exceptional clarity. All our desk phones offer advanced features designed to make your business communications more efficient.

Wireless IP Phones

businessman-in-front-of-the-office-1307588-mWireless networks are becoming more common; both in and out of the workplace. Wireless VoIP phones are the ideal way for Erie businesses to use the voice within their existing wireless data network. Using this mobile technology has significant advantages; wireless IP phones mean that workers can make use of corporate communication features and tools from any number of mobile devices.

Video Phones

At one point or another, almost every Erie business has taken advantage of video conferencing. Video conferencing technology enables businesses to operate more efficiently and increases the chance of success when collaborating with others. Video conferencing is an affordable and flexible solution that has significant advantages, and should be a part of every business plan.

Conference Phones

In a world where business is no longer restricted to specific geographic locations, conference calls with colleagues, vendors, mobile workers and global offices are crucial. In order for these conference calls to be successful and productive, crystal clear communication and collaborative tools are a must. We can supply hands-free and feature rich conferencing solutions which enhance the entire conference experience.