Hosted VOIP Solutions in Erie, USA

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BroadConnect’s Hosted VoIP services are feature rich and economical, making it the complete package; unlike other VoIP solutions out in the market.

Following is the list of benefits to our customers:

  • Highly advanced Cloud technology

  • Service options can be customized

  • High definition voice quality and clarity


Hosted VoIP is operated over BroadConnect’s secure and private network. Security can be optimized by using our large collection of routers and switches; however, our system is compatible with your existing equipment, should you want to use it. Your privacy will remain intact as the data is still going to travel through our network.


Taking the performance to a whole new level

Why should your business choose BroadConnect as your VoIP solution provider? The value we provide through features and pricing is unparalleled. The flexibility and availability of options that this system affords will allow business to grow or downsize without hesitation.



Our team of experts will design and implement the entire layout, providing you with a seamless changeover from your current PBX. Once it is connected to our fiber optic network, the service will exceed the expectation of customers and provide the best features for your company.


Moving to Hosted VoIP cuts down the expenses

  • There is no clutter, making Hosted-VoIP a smooth process.
  • Call charges are lessened, if not completely waived off.
  • Not having to worry about system maintenance allows you to focus productivity and efficiency.
  • You can dial across Canada and the Unites States using a direct extension.
  • Secure data transmission.
  • Plenty of options and availability for greater flexibility.